Nadhmi Auchi Foundation launches website

The Nadhmi Auchi Foundation is today launching a website to provide regularly updated information about the business and philanthropic activities of its founder, Nadhmi Auchi, one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs.

General Mediterranean Holding SA (GMH), the Luxembourg-based company which Mr Auchi founded in 1979, has investments in more than 30 countries and it employs 11,000 people worldwide. Success in business has provided a platform for a range of charitable and humanitarian projects and activities in more than a dozen countries. Among these is the London-based Anglo Arab Organisation whose aims are to encourage Arabs to play a greater role in the political and community lives of their host countries and to provide a bridge between the Arab world and the West. It also provides a channel for funds to charities and good causes in the United Kingdom.

Commenting on the launch of the website, Mr Auchi said:

“When I started out in business in 1972, working from a small office in a side-street of Baghdad, I had just one employee. In those days word of mouth was not just the most effective means of communication, it was the only practical such means.

“Effectiveness in today’s global market-place requires sophisticated methods of communication, both within companies and with the outside world. Media and public interest in my business activities have inevitably grown as has interest in the numerous non-profit organisations with which I am privileged to be associated.

“I am deeply indebted to parliamentarians from all three main parties for having helped to make the Anglo Arab Organisation a significant success.   I hope that it will play an even bigger role in the public life of this country in the coming decades and that the new website would play an important role in achieving this.”

Mr Auchi said he hoped that the website would answer many of the questions that are often put to him and would also provide the means for an open exchange of views with those interested in both his business and charitable activities