Auchi Dialysis CenterMore than 200 people are treated each week at the Auchi acute haemodialysis unit at Hammersmith hospital, the biggest provider of dialysis treatment in the UK and Europe. The state of the art unit, which proudly bears the name of its benefactor, has improved standards of treatment and survival rates and is widely regarded as being one of the best of its kind in Europe.

Financial support for the unit, which opened in 2009 as part of the new West London Renal and Transplant Centre, is one example of Nadhmi Auchi’s long-standing interest in and support for medical science and patient care.

Other major contributions include support for Kingston Hospital Cancer Appeal and the Royal Society of Medicine on whose Court of Benefactors Mr Auchi has served since 2009. His interest in medical research was given further recognition when he was elected an honorary member of the International College of Surgeons in Chicago in 2005.