1955 to 1964

Attended Baghdad ‘s University of Mustansiriyah as an undergraduate to read Economics and Political Science.

Entered Iraqi government service as a junior civil servant in the oil refineries administration.

Joined the Baathist Party attracted by its goals of Arab unity, an end to the final vestiges of colonialism and a fairer distribution of wealth.

Convicted along with 76 others following a failed assassination attempt on Prime Minister Abdul Karim Qassim in 1959. Sentenced to three years ‘rigorous’ imprisonment despite having a minor and peripheral role.


Released from prison after a two years which included beatings and torture.

Left the Baathist Party principally because it had abandoned the goal of Arab unity and helps form a new political group, the United Socialist Movement.

Re-joined the civil service in the Oil Ministry.


Married Ibtisam in a ceremony in Baghdad.


First child – a daughter – is born.