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The Life & Times of Nadhmi Auchi

Nadhmi Auchi is one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs as well as a major philanthropist whose work in promoting inter-faith dialogue has won wide international recognition.
His career as an entrepreneur began in 1972 in Baghdad where his reputation as a dynamic business leader who could get things done stemmed from his completion of a government contract to provide a small and not especially profitable pipeline within a seemingly impossible deadline. In a remarkably short space of time he went on to establish a number of diverse enterprises ranging from contracting to electrical manufacturing.

Today, General Mediterranean Holding SA (GMH), the Luxembourg-based business which he founded in 1979, has assets of more than $3 billion, with a corporate presence in over thirty countries and more than 11,000 employees worldwide.
The activities of the group include banking investments, asset and commercial finance, construction and civil engineering, real estate investments and property management, hotel investments and management, leisure, pharmaceutical manufacturing, new media and broadcasting, pharmaceuticals and chemicals trading, retail pharmacies, sugar refining, power generation, marketing and international commodities trading.

Currently GMH has ambitious plans to expand its ownership of hotels in the Middle East and to increase its investment in manufacturing and pharmaceuticals in Iraq and Egypt and in real estate in the United States.

Nadhmi Auchi’s philanthropic work in promoting inter-faith and inter-ethnic dialogue and tolerance, supporting healthcare research and other humanitarian projects in the field of education has been recognized in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

For the first time, Nadhmi Auchi tells his own story in an article on this website. In The Media: a reply to my critics, he describes in detail the problems and challenges he has encountered in his career and how he has dealt with them.